'Postmenopausal women
were encouraged to introduce
teenage males to sex'

"sounds like my kinda sex cult"

Gigi Marazza

"i too am snowed in and there
are seagulls circling the garden.
the birds, the birds,

i think they're attacking the other birds" :(

sweet distin


"…thank you very much ladies and gentlemen."


"Look, it says right there, in between the lines,
we have the right to charge you amazing amounts
of money and let your children suffer untold pains because… well. Why not. We're rich.
So fuck off snotty."


"This isn't a fix for free speech.
That's a red herring. And you swallowed
it like a good little penguin."

J Bones

"They kill all the filthy songbirds that sing lies about me as I walk in the rain."

Mawhrin Skel